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Terra Nil is a relaxing city builder about ecosystem reconstruction.

Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise complete with different biomes. This strategy game/city builder/puzzler subverts the conventional goal of the city builder genre. Terra Nil is about the restoration of a ravaged environment, where the lightest touch is best.


- Mouse to play, left click to select, right to deselect, middle to pan

- Mouse wheel or z/x to zoom

- Also pan with wasd or arrow keys

New features added in this update:

- A new tier of buildings with 8 new buildings

- 4 Different biomes

- A complete overhaul of all the game's art with artistic direction help from TheJunt

- A ton of new usability features to make playing the game a more smooth and streamlined experience

- Waterfalls!

- Better balance and difficulty tiers

- New music from Pixel Beats



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Windows - TerraNil0.2.zip 33 MB
OSX - TerraNil0.2.app.zip 35 MB
Linux - TerraNil0.2.zip 37 MB
WindowsResolutionDialog - TerraNil0.2.zip 33 MB
OBSOLETE JamVersion TerraNil.zip 85 MB

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Really fun, and surprisingly hard on the medium and large levels. Looking forward to more content if you decide to make any.

Hey, I just downloaded the game on OS X and I have the following error when I open it: "The application “OSX - TerraNil0.2.app” can’t be opened.".

It requires executable permissions, this made it work: chmod +x OSX\ -\ TerraNil0.2.app/Contents/MacOS/TerraNil

i cant acces the game i tried all file

Is there a 32-bit version please? :)

What OS are you?

Windows 7 Starter 32-bit. I was planning to run it on an old NVidia ion chipset computer, but that might be a little too old.

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I'm really enjoying this game. Congratulations, it feels nice to interact with. I was a bit confused about how to use/access tier two buildings though. I tried clicking the icon / using some different key commands to select the II icon.

Otherwise thanks again for making it :)

EDIT: I worked it out. I think the first time the tiers unlocked the game also prompted me to change to a new map so I missed the part where I was developing things further after stage 1. A bit of a game flow thing

Ah, thanks for pointing that out :)


So apparently if you create a big enough forest you get infinite gold? The fire just keeps burning is it never said anything like "you win" or anything even though I completed the mission. Is this supposed to happen?

Yeah that's a bug :/ will fix in the next update!

Hello everyone! 

I have had lot of fun on this game as a sort of city builder or strategy game this is a really fun relaxing one to play. I didn't get a chance to try bigger maps or higher tier buildings so please do let me know if you did how you managed it. 

I tried to select bigger map but it wouldn't let me. 

Hope you check the game out for yourselves  and also my video!

Supporting indie games!


Thank you for reading my post or watching my video or trying the game!

Thanks for playing!

Game looks preeeeeetty neat. Thank you for linux version. You are cool, man!


Thank you ^_^

such a great game, kudos to the developer. also, Linux support rocks!

Thanks :)

What a great game idea! Please add permaculture techniques to the game. I always wanted a permaculture game that could be an edutainment for kids and grownups.

Hmm interesting idea, I'll think about it. Thank you for playing :)


I've found a bug! Or should I say a feature :p When you make forest, and ignite it, it will make infinite rings for you, cause of trees that burn and grow from the ashes again, and again... :D

Thanks for pointing this out!


Great game. I accidentally found an exploit to generate unlimited currency. If you burn the forest arboretum will constantly regenerate it and you'll get points for it.

thanks for the tip ill be sure to exploit

 as i please until dev makes a fix

Oh... Just post about it too xD

Will work on this in the next update!

Lovely game, thank you.

Thank you :)

Love this game! Is there any way to save progress though (or just unlock everything)? I can't get past the 2nd stage in one setting :p

Yeah I'll fix this in the next update


Love the game! 

I'm an environmental engineer and ecologist, so this is right up my alley. Would love to help y'all flesh the game out more if you're interested. 

Otherwise, my two issues with the game as it currently exists surround the desiccator, particularly the endless fire glitch and the way points are allocated for the arboretum. 



Thank you! I'll definitely address the fire glitch in the next update. What do you mean by the way points are allocated for the arboretum?

This is pretty cool. If I could make a suggestion, Greenhouses could do with a bit more range. No matter how close it's placed to the purifier, there's always a few tiles that don't get converted.

That's an interesting idea, I'll do some thinking!

Finallly !


could you add "stop show me this message" when we "loss" please ?

This game is simply awesome ... and just V0.2 ... I love it :D

Thanks for the hard work on it!

I have to agreed its such a peaceful music too! I only have been trying the small map and regular difficulty but curious to try second tier buildings and bigger maps. Look forward to see what else they will be adding to it!

Thank you :)

Thank you!

also, if you could turn the music off that would be perfect! i love the music but it but would be wonderful to able to play my own music while playing :) i could also make some music for you for an update or any future games. email biodream@protonmail.com if you want, id do it free. take care and thanks for making this great game! :)

Thanks for the offer! Can you send me a link to a sample of yours? Also yeah I'll add the ability to change the music volume in the next update!

So, I'm not sure if you realize this, but there's sort of a way to glitch the game into getting perpetual energy/currency. If you catch a 'fully fledged forest' habit on fire, it will regrow while it's still on fire and give the player currency while continuously burning, regrowing, and burning again in a perpetual cycle.

You can do this by having a flower patch by a forest and catching the flower patch on fire. The fire will spread to the forest and then be in an endless loop of burning, growing, and earning energy.

Yea, I can repro this bug too.

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Bug or secret of winning.. muhahaha maniacal laugh :) great game and thank you for helping the devs find new bugs. Is this in the bigger maps? Harder difficulty settings?

Thanks! I'll look into this for the next update

Hey devs and viewers had a lot of fun with this game its something new! I cant wait to see what else it brings to the table I will play a bigger map maybe in next episode to explore second tier buildings! How do you find it so far?

Here is my play-through short and sweet! Thank you for an awesome indie game!


Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the vid!


wonderful game, but how do you switch to the tier II buildings? and can you undo buildings youve built? if so, how? also can you turn the music off? thanks guys amazing game!!!

Once unlocked (on Regular-sized maps) there is a pair of buttons above the build menu, labelled "I" and "II" 

clicking these toggles between two different build menus. 

As for undo, I don't know if there is a way to do it, but I wish there was. 

Hope that helps! 

As far as I know Undo button only appear when you build a building that does absolute nothing. I would love to have it permanent there as I keep clicking thing by mistake all the time

I have the same issue, I can't click the "I" and "II" on Linux.

It is a really great game isnt it? I had a lot of fun playing it.too but i have not reached level 2 tier buildings is that in bigger maps ?

You have to complete tier I before you can access tier II - maybe this isn't super clear but I can work on that. Thanks for the feedback


I'm enjoying this, but whenever I exit the game after unlocking the regular size map, I lose access to it and have to win a small size map again. Bit frustrating.


I'll fix this in the next update!

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ty so much for your effort to fix it ! ..awesome lil gem of an game. i enjoy it a lot.

This is one of the best games i have seen on ITCH. You have done a great work. I found some bugs and i hope you have the time to fix them. 

- Setting forests in a active fire will cause a endless loop which increase my money. Trees always growing and burning down.  Prevent setting forests as long as a fire is burning.

- The status window will appears to early. Check active processes first. If there is no more counting activity popup the window if the amount of money is less. (popup in case of unfinished money count activity).

The balancing is well done and your game is great. Thank you for sharing this and never stop creating games.

Regards and greetings from Germany



i'd like to add to this bug list that clicking the ui to dismiss the popups will also build whatever you have selected at the time

Thanks for pointing this out

Thank you so much! I'll add these to my buglist

My pleasure.

I love this game!

It's so soothing, hopeful, and nostalgic all at once! Thank you so much for making it and sharing it with the world!


So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words

Great little puzzle game, but it doesn't work well on ultra wide monitors. On Linux I can exit full screen and just resize to an aspect ratio that works but on Mac OS X it's pretty much unplayable on really wide screens.

Thanks for the feedback, I can do resolution dialog builds for mac and linux too in future

This is a really fun puzzle like world builder. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Congratulations on your game, it's awesome and has a lot of potential. I couldn't stop playing it until I beat a regular sized map, took me 3 tries (I was so sure that I had won the second one that I got distracted and ruined my game).
Of course, since it is still in development it lacks in some aspects, but the whole idea is really great! 
I wonder if you are taking suggestions and bug reports? I have some in mind...


Thank you! Yeah I'd be keen to hear your ideas :)

(3 edits)

Cool, most of them are QOL or bugfix related.

- Currently, if your currency is less than 25, a panel comes up telling you that you lost, BUT, that check occurs before the game checks for currency earned by whatever you just built. I'd recommend changing the check to occur after the currency from building is earned (also, you probably want to check if water is currently flowing, that way, if there is still currency to be earned from the river expanding, it won't be a problem).

- Also, I see you added an "undo" button, but it only seems to appear when a building doesn't do anything. I think it's a good idea to leave the button there permanently as an "undo last move"to correct missclicks, but also because:

- The buying panel doesn't seem to block clicks on the map below it, that had me building where I didn't want to sometimes.

- Another thing is the dragging tool, which only works for a second or so. What I mean is, when I click and drag, I can't keep dragging around if I keep the mouse wheel pressed, that is kind of inconvenient in regular sized map or larger.

- Something simple that would also make navigation easier is to add a larger zoom out, since you can't see the whole map with the current one.

Now for a more important topic about the gameplay in general. Being a strategy/puzzler, one of the most important things in the game is for the player to be able to plan ahead with precision:

- The building menu currently lacks some information: how much space does the building occupy in blocks?; What is the building's radius (or range, for the excavator)? - These are especially important so the player can actually estimate, (or calculate, if eager enough), exactly what will be the result of his actions: like when planning for a desert, you need it to have water, so you can calcify it, so you can elevate it, so you can install the solar amplifiers, so you can finally build the desert thingy IF you placed your greenhouses correctly before all of that. All of that takes a lot of planning and having that information would help.

- The last thing is, when building, the structure will always indicate how much money it will make (or spend) in the process, but it doesn't inform you of the total proportion of the terrain covered (in %), that information would also be handy. I'd suggest displaying the number needed in blocks as well as in percent (having a decimal precision would be nice too), and when you build, the buildings could display the percentage and number of blocks it will transform in the area.

That's all I remember from playing so far, if anything else comes up I'll post it here.

Thanks for the ideas!

On Linux when I unlock a new map and restart the game it gets relocked again. I unlocked the large map earlier and when I restart the game it is locked again. Only the smallest one is available.

(1 edit)

Damn! Thanks for the feedback

I think this only happens when you exit the game while you are playing a map. If you go back to the main menu first and then quit the game this does not happen.

I unlocked the regular map size and, just to test it out, closed the game a few times, through the exit button and by clicking the x button in the window's corner. The regular map did not disappear. When I started a small map and went back to the main menu the regular map was still there. Upon exiting and starting the game again the regular map was locked again.

I hope that helps for debugging. :)


Dear Creater.  I tried playing your game and I love it.  As a developer myself who has been playing game for a long time, I feel this game has the potential to becoming a smashing success.  I would highly recommend you to implement modding support, which will greatly increase replaybility, and there for value, for this game.  All in all, good job!

what kind of mods do you foresee being applicable for this kind of game ? What games did you create and are they on itch as well? Strategy game by any chance?

I buy maybe 1 game every few years, I'm a city builder fan. This game is gold. In the future I wish to see more plantlife and ecosystems and less industrial structures. For example having access to and planting a specific set of plants to achieve a goal instead of placing structures. The goal would be a self reliant ecosystem free of structures. Just green brown and blue. Some weather effects, either induced by the ecosystem or random. And maybe a few animals. Just a few ideas 😊

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The graphics remind me a lot of the Chris Sawyer games, notably the RCT games. And that's an aesthetic I am TOTALLY into.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them 

I found a tad bit of a problem. I call it The Eternal Wildfire. Burning down stuff to create a forest and creating a forest before everything has finished burning will create an infinite cycle of burning and replanting, granting you an infinite money source but also locking you completely from completing the game if the fire is too large and you're unable to keep building.

Oh no! I'll definitely address this in the coming bugfix patch

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Hello! Congrats for the nice game! Just a quick question: I'm having troubles opening the game on MacOs Catalina 10.15 ("the application can't be opened" - kind of error). I tried following https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491 but also did not help. Is there something I am missing?


Thank you :) oh damn, I'm not sure what's happening, I'm working on a little bugfix update now so maybe that will run better?

Thank you, I'll give it another try when the update is out then!


Also having this error

Its a great game. I am yet to master it, but the game is intuitive enough that I learn the basic fast. Granted, I have experience with City Builder with a serious majority of it on Banished.

btw, how do I change the building tiers? I'm stuck at Tier 1.

You need to unlock tier II by first completing the tier I objectives. Also tier II is locked unlock the 2nd map

I dont know how to change it either I assumed it was a bigger map kind of thing? Banished is an amazing game! This is a lot of fun also! I cant wait to see what else they will add to it in the future. :)

This is fantastic! 
I was searching for an anti-colony game just of this type. I hope you all expand on it, because I think you hit magic here. 
I would definitely reccomend this game to all my eco-minded gamer friends! :)

Thank you so much! I hope your friends enjoy it too :)

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This game is simply pretty and it is a long time ago i play game good as this. (The fire spread is so beautiful and


Thank you!

Really amazing game, I'm exited to see what's next. Is there a dedicated subreddit or something like it fo the game?


Thanks very much :) and not yet!

Was wondering if there was a way to make a windowed version of this instead of fullscreen.

Download the resolution dialog one :)

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