0.31 Balance and Bugfixes

Hi all,

The 0.31 release is a small bugfix and balance patch.

We've changed the gameplay slightly to give a reward when a level of buildings is completed. We felt like the game was a little bit on the challenging side and also we wanted to reward players better for completing a goal.

There are also a bunch of miscellaneous bugfixes, most notably a bug that prevented water from correctly spreading past calcifiers and conveyance ports.

Enjoy :)


Terra Nil 0.31 Windows.zip 64 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Terra Nil 0.31 Linux.zip 70 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Terra Nil 0.31 OSX.zip 66 MB
Jul 08, 2020
Terra Nil 0.31 Windows 32 Bit.zip 61 MB
Jul 08, 2020

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Hey love the game!

I'm playing the Mac version and I can't see the names of anything.  I'm not sure if it's a font thing or what's going on but my interface seems to be missing some information.

Hey the most recent build I posted yesterday should hopefully fix the issue. I don't have a mac to test on, can you tell me if it works?

I just tried it out and it works!  Thank you!!!