0.41 Big bugfix patch + Ultrawide support

Hi all,

We're hard at work on some exciting new stuff, but in the mean time, here's a patch with some of the most glaring bugs people have been raising. Hopefully we've caught most of them! Details below:

- The game now supports ultrawide resolutions

- Pressing ESC once the game is complete will hide the UI for screenshots


- Fixed a bug that made mountain unwinnable because it required wetlands

- Fixed a bug that caused recycled buildings from not being counted correctly, resulting in a softlock

- Hopefully the missing text on Mac should now be fixed

- Fixed an issue with the solar amplifier making a permanent beam of light and not lighting fires

- The screen should no longer shake weirdly once a tier is complete

- Zen mode should work properly now

- Removed a bunch of debug text

That's all from us for now, thank you all for your continued support :D

Much love,

vfqd and team <3


Terra Nil 0.41 Windows.zip 65 MB
Sep 03, 2020
Terra Nil 0.41 OSX.zip 67 MB
Sep 03, 2020
Terra Nil 0.41 Linux.zip 71 MB
Sep 03, 2020
Terra Nil 0.41 Windows 32 Bit.zip 62 MB
Sep 03, 2020

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"- The game now supports ultrawide resolutions"

An very tiny indie game supporting ultrawide, when AAA ones can't.

Found an issue though:

The UI still extends off the screen.

Also the font is pretty blown up at this res (3440x1440), so I'm hoping resolution options make it into the game at some point, as these pixel style games look better at smaller resolutions.

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Trees tend to hide the machinery during the stage 3, so you end up playing "find the pixel" when you're at 99% deconstruction. It would be nice if say hovering over the deconstruction panel highlighted all the machinery you still have to pack up.

I would say stage 2 is the best part of the game. The interplay between the biomes, how they both compete and help each other, and trying to figure out how to fit enough of all them, is fun.

Stage 1 is fine, although a bit repetitive from one session to the next. Excavator to new area, calcifier, wind turbine, detoxifiers, greenhouses, repeat. Adding another way to extend greenery that breaks this cycle (while contributing or benefiting from it) would help a lot.

Stage 3 feels very disjointed. It's very cute conceptually, but the steam turbines, deconstruction pilons and drones are like 3 different mini-stages each, with little connection between each other, and not enough meat in any of them by themselves to be actually interesting. It also suffers in that, unlike Stage 2 that still makes use of Stage 1 buildings, it is very self contained. You hardly have any reason to make use of any Stage 1 or stage 2 buildings by then. Which makes sense thematically, but doesn't help with the fun factor.

Can confirm that Mac works well now.

I'm one of the Mac users, and I'm really pumped that everything is displaying nicely now. Terra Nil is honestly super calming, so I'm happy it's working better now.

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Love this game, the idea is great and the execution is too. A good combo of relax and thinkiness, which is unusual.

I think that what this game really needs right now is a saving feature. And maybe also the possibility to restart a level from the phase in which you lost: a couple of times I had a great phase I run, but screwed everything in phase II, and I would have preferred to restart from phase II.

Anyway, I'd love to see this game grow. Great job.

How about that when the go back button is pressed, you can pick if you want to start over again (different map), go back to when you started Stage 2, or go back to when you started Stage 3, or undo a building.


I'm excited to find out what the new stuff is, the game has come along so well. Works perfectly on Linux too. Would easily pay for it once it's ready for that :)