Terra Nil Post Jam Update!

After many months of hard work, Terra Nil finally has a post jam update!


- A new tier of buildings with 8 new buildings

- 4 Different biomes

- A complete overhaul of all the game's art with artistic direction help from TheJunt

- A ton of new usability features to make playing the game a more smooth and streamlined experience

- Waterfalls!

- Better balance and difficulty tiers

- New music from Pixel Beats


Windows - TerraNil0.2.zip 33 MB
Jan 30, 2020
OSX - TerraNil0.2.app.zip 35 MB
Jan 30, 2020
Linux - TerraNil0.2.zip 37 MB
Jan 30, 2020
WindowsResolutionDialog - TerraNil0.2.zip 33 MB
Jan 30, 2020

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Great game! I am unable to finish the island level on normal difficulty. Very tough. I might try again some times but for now I ran out of ideas to improve.

Update is nice. However....

The appdata folder for Terra Nil has an "analytics" folder and "log" files. Analytics was marked as a threat by microsoft.

I ended up looking at the "log" files and they seem to be trying to contact unity3d.com.

It seems like a large amount of data is being recorded into the analytics as well. Enough to where it was flagged.

While probably a false positive, you might want to look into what is being recorded to such a level it alerts security just to avoid any similar issues later.

Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I know that unity by default collects analytics on games, but I'll look into it.

yeah! looks waaay better than the previous version!