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Great little puzzle game, but it doesn't work well on ultra wide monitors. On Linux I can exit full screen and just resize to an aspect ratio that works but on Mac OS X it's pretty much unplayable on really wide screens.

Thanks for the feedback, I can do resolution dialog builds for mac and linux too in future

This is a really fun puzzle like world builder. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Congratulations on your game, it's awesome and has a lot of potential. I couldn't stop playing it until I beat a regular sized map, took me 3 tries (I was so sure that I had won the second one that I got distracted and ruined my game).
Of course, since it is still in development it lacks in some aspects, but the whole idea is really great! 
I wonder if you are taking suggestions and bug reports? I have some in mind...


Thank you! Yeah I'd be keen to hear your ideas :)

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Cool, most of them are QOL or bugfix related.

- Currently, if your currency is less than 25, a panel comes up telling you that you lost, BUT, that check occurs before the game checks for currency earned by whatever you just built. I'd recommend changing the check to occur after the currency from building is earned (also, you probably want to check if water is currently flowing, that way, if there is still currency to be earned from the river expanding, it won't be a problem).

- Also, I see you added an "undo" button, but it only seems to appear when a building doesn't do anything. I think it's a good idea to leave the button there permanently as an "undo last move"to correct missclicks, but also because:

- The buying panel doesn't seem to block clicks on the map below it, that had me building where I didn't want to sometimes.

- Another thing is the dragging tool, which only works for a second or so. What I mean is, when I click and drag, I can't keep dragging around if I keep the mouse wheel pressed, that is kind of inconvenient in regular sized map or larger.

- Something simple that would also make navigation easier is to add a larger zoom out, since you can't see the whole map with the current one.

Now for a more important topic about the gameplay in general. Being a strategy/puzzler, one of the most important things in the game is for the player to be able to plan ahead with precision:

- The building menu currently lacks some information: how much space does the building occupy in blocks?; What is the building's radius (or range, for the excavator)? - These are especially important so the player can actually estimate, (or calculate, if eager enough), exactly what will be the result of his actions: like when planning for a desert, you need it to have water, so you can calcify it, so you can elevate it, so you can install the solar amplifiers, so you can finally build the desert thingy IF you placed your greenhouses correctly before all of that. All of that takes a lot of planning and having that information would help.

- The last thing is, when building, the structure will always indicate how much money it will make (or spend) in the process, but it doesn't inform you of the total proportion of the terrain covered (in %), that information would also be handy. I'd suggest displaying the number needed in blocks as well as in percent (having a decimal precision would be nice too), and when you build, the buildings could display the percentage and number of blocks it will transform in the area.

That's all I remember from playing so far, if anything else comes up I'll post it here.

Thanks for the ideas!

On Linux when I unlock a new map and restart the game it gets relocked again. I unlocked the large map earlier and when I restart the game it is locked again. Only the smallest one is available.

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Damn! Thanks for the feedback

I think this only happens when you exit the game while you are playing a map. If you go back to the main menu first and then quit the game this does not happen.

I unlocked the regular map size and, just to test it out, closed the game a few times, through the exit button and by clicking the x button in the window's corner. The regular map did not disappear. When I started a small map and went back to the main menu the regular map was still there. Upon exiting and starting the game again the regular map was locked again.

I hope that helps for debugging. :)


Dear Creater.  I tried playing your game and I love it.  As a developer myself who has been playing game for a long time, I feel this game has the potential to becoming a smashing success.  I would highly recommend you to implement modding support, which will greatly increase replaybility, and there for value, for this game.  All in all, good job!

what kind of mods do you foresee being applicable for this kind of game ? What games did you create and are they on itch as well? Strategy game by any chance?

I buy maybe 1 game every few years, I'm a city builder fan. This game is gold. In the future I wish to see more plantlife and ecosystems and less industrial structures. For example having access to and planting a specific set of plants to achieve a goal instead of placing structures. The goal would be a self reliant ecosystem free of structures. Just green brown and blue. Some weather effects, either induced by the ecosystem or random. And maybe a few animals. Just a few ideas 😊

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The graphics remind me a lot of the Chris Sawyer games, notably the RCT games. And that's an aesthetic I am TOTALLY into.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them 

I found a tad bit of a problem. I call it The Eternal Wildfire. Burning down stuff to create a forest and creating a forest before everything has finished burning will create an infinite cycle of burning and replanting, granting you an infinite money source but also locking you completely from completing the game if the fire is too large and you're unable to keep building.

Oh no! I'll definitely address this in the coming bugfix patch

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Hello! Congrats for the nice game! Just a quick question: I'm having troubles opening the game on MacOs Catalina 10.15 ("the application can't be opened" - kind of error). I tried following but also did not help. Is there something I am missing?


Thank you :) oh damn, I'm not sure what's happening, I'm working on a little bugfix update now so maybe that will run better?

Thank you, I'll give it another try when the update is out then!


Also having this error

Its a great game. I am yet to master it, but the game is intuitive enough that I learn the basic fast. Granted, I have experience with City Builder with a serious majority of it on Banished.

btw, how do I change the building tiers? I'm stuck at Tier 1.

You need to unlock tier II by first completing the tier I objectives. Also tier II is locked unlock the 2nd map

I dont know how to change it either I assumed it was a bigger map kind of thing? Banished is an amazing game! This is a lot of fun also! I cant wait to see what else they will add to it in the future. :)

This is fantastic! 
I was searching for an anti-colony game just of this type. I hope you all expand on it, because I think you hit magic here. 
I would definitely reccomend this game to all my eco-minded gamer friends! :)

Thank you so much! I hope your friends enjoy it too :)

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This game is simply pretty and it is a long time ago i play game good as this. (The fire spread is so beautiful and


Thank you!

Really amazing game, I'm exited to see what's next. Is there a dedicated subreddit or something like it fo the game?


Thanks very much :) and not yet!

Was wondering if there was a way to make a windowed version of this instead of fullscreen.

Download the resolution dialog one :)

Lol with the dessicator on my first game: 

Oh no! hahah - you needed to use your rivers as firebreaks! 

That looks impressing :) I was so desperate to finish a map lol i tried the smallest one first. 

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-Any possibility export txt on XML file to translat it ?Dae#5125 (discord)
- sound / volume menu ?
- controle menu (i'm on azerty)

Hey! I can look into these for the next update :)

Very fun! On my second playthrough, I started a fire on a forest, which wouldn't burn itself out for some reason, so I built another forest in the burning area, and it all just stayed on fire and kept growing trees, generating me infinite money. Good look in future development! I look forward to it!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Thank you :) what do you mean by a second game?

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This game is not finished yet, so I think it would be too soon to start on terra nil 2 :) what would you like to see in future though

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Hi is there an email I could use to write to the developer? I would like to ask if he would be okay with me making a youtube video with the game and monetizing it. Thank you. 

I'm the dev, please feel free to make a video :)

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Thank you :)

It is a great game indeed!

Keep up the good work! It has high potentials! 


Tried playing on the smallest map. The map did not contain any rock tile, making it impossible to continue. Retried with a new map. Same.  Retried with a new map. Same. Retried with a new map. Same. ...

Tried large map. Finally got a rock tile to be able to start playing.

Advice: Ensure that the maps created are actually playable at all.

Good game! And my steam controller went really smooth with it too. I guess you should put animals and humans too. (Like i dunno.. Controlling humans against contamination or some invadin wood cutters i guess?)

You are clearly a very talented individual. It's a simple game but very aesthetically pleasing and well made. Especially considering you did it in 48 hours. definitely going to check out your other work now. 

Thank you!


Must say, this game has potential. I enjoy games about managing things, mining, and farming. This one has some small issues in its current state. It needs to be fleshed out more with additional features and information.

A game about the ecosystem has a lot of options to choose from in expanding it. Hope to see this go further.

Thank you for your kind words :)

Great demo! I like the core concept and the artwork. The experience is relaxed and is very much a puzzle of building things without running out of money. I suggest you add a passive income to balance against some sort of  enemy (encroaching toxins?, environmental raiders?). I think the water pumps should be able to flood a limited number of squares. You probably have a million ideas as well. In its current state its enjoyable but very short. Thank you!

Cool ideas, thanks for playing


Cool! But small/easy often generates maps without rocks

Yeah, thanks for letting me kno


why do we have to download it just let us play it without having to download the game


"Arrows to pan"
Any chance of a WSAD option? :)

Ah! It really does need some quality of life improvements

Just wanted to pop in to say I knew even back then the game would be great, congrats on all the success so far! :)


Looks really neat!

Thank you!

Wonder if they will add workers or city building aspects to it alongside the farming aspects?

Awesome, thanks!


This sounds lovely, any plans to further develop it?


Thanks! Not sure at the moment, sort of depends on the reception, I've got a lot vying for my attention :)

Thought about something like this before I'd cheer you on if you took this further.



How play this on 2560x1080??

Did you try the windows with resolution dialog download?


I only use Linux

Try again. The situation has not changed

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Don't know if you found a solution yourself, but just in case [and for anyone else], you can specify the resolution options as arguments at startup.

They are -screen-fullscreen, -screen-height, -screen-width

In your case, you would thus run
./TerraNil.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 2560 -screen-height 1080

Note I used -screen-fullscreen 0 to run in windowed mode on Linux.

-screen-fullscreen 0 works for me! (Also on Linux.) Unfortunately though, I don't have access to my saved game in windowed mode. It seems that running with that argument causes the game to not recognize the save file?


rocks never seem to spawn on the small map? this was quite enjoyable though, interested to see if you intend on expanding this. 

Yeah there's a bug there, thanks for the heads up!

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Hello, tell me how to solve such an error: The application "Mac" can't be opened. OS Catalina

Sometimes OSX doesn't let you open files from the internet. Try CMD+Clicking on it to open, if that doesn't work let me know

did not help

Check this article, maybe you need to change your security settings

I'll also do another build, just to be safe

The problem was in the built-in MacOS archiver

Aha! I'm glad you solved it :)

This saved me a lot of headache! Thank you!


Alright, here's my feedback on the game:

  • Nice art and good background music. Though, the UI does go well with the art of the world.
  • The difficulty doesn't change over time. It doesn't matter how big your green area is, the game still has the same difficulty. This is because there is no passive income from your green area. This feels unfair.
  • The area of buildings is shown well. Though, it would be nice if you highlight the part of the world were they can be placed. I also think that you should better show if a building (powered) is within the range of a turbine.
  • If you place a building first and then place a wind turbine, the building doesn't receive power even if it is within range.
  • Please add the ability to see the range of a placed turbine by mousing over it.
  • Panning with wasd and panning by holding down the middle mouse button would be nice.
  • Maybe add the ability to remove buildings as well. Though, not having this does make the game more difficult. So perhaps allow destruction on low & medium difficulty and disable the ability at high difficulty.

Interesting ideas! Thanks for the feedback :)


Good fun, satisfying to play. Some feedback: the leaf symbol doesn't match the graphical style, buildings should be orange when over suitable land but out of range of electricity, add keyboard zoom controls (I'm playing on a laptop).

I like the orange idea, and I agree about the leaf symbol yeah 

Thanks for the response. Also forgot to mention that the little symbols that appear as you collect money move in a strange way if you pan at the same time, the speed should be unaffected by the relative speed/direction of the panning.

Is there any hope to get a windowed mode? I have a ultra-widescreen and the ui is off :/

Sure, are you on windows? I can make a new build

Yes I am

I've uploaded a separate windows build which should allow you to pick your resolution and play windowed :)

Thanks! Its annoying that this setting window is so hidden at the moment and will eventually removed in the near future. Its so convieniend in my opinion. 

A very nice little game. More!

Thank you!

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