Version 1.02

Version 1.02 contains another round of balance changes and some neat features, details below.

- Towers had a tendency to all target the same enemy resulting in 'overkilling' the enemy quite badly as all of their projectiles would follow it. To combat this, I've allowed each tower to now fire at a target until there are sufficient projectiles that that tower would kill it, and then the tower picks a new target.

- Level 3+ towers didn't feel powerful enough, so I've changed the level scaling algorithm slightly. A tower's damage and attack speed are now calculated as: base_value * level^2 - 1 

For instance: a Water Tower has: 1 dmg and 0.5/s attack speed

A level 2 water tower would therefore have 3 dmg and 0.17/s attack speed

And a level 3 would have 8 dmg and 0.06/s attack speed

These two changes should make upgrading towers more worthwhile.

- As the game goes on, it becomes harder and harder to make new towers, so now the number of swaps you can make each wave increases by 1 every 10 wave (i.e. 5 swaps from 10 onwards and 6 swaps from 20 onwards etc.)

- Wood towers have been too strong since the start of the game. Wood tower base damage has been nerfed from 3 to 2.

- There have been some minor graphical changes and sundry bugfixes.

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May 08, 2018

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