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Welcome to v1.01 of Element Crush! The main changes to the game are around balance and difficulty scaling, and so scores in this version will be a lot higher than in the previous one (one of the testers got 10506) because games will last longer. A full changelog is provided below. I hope that these new changes will mean that games are funner, more balanced, and allow for greater possibilities for emergent player strategies.


- Projectile speed improved
- Water tower reload time buffed from 1s to 0.5s
- Wall health buffed from 3 to 5
- Leveled up towers buffed to get stronger each level
- Actions that give gold will now give twice as much gold
- Enemy spawn rate increases have been reduced to a more managable speed
- Fixed a bug where lights would not show up correctly
- Fixed a bug where spawning sounds sometimes played very loudly
- Added a waves UI element
- Added a "Buy swap" button to the UI
- Reworked UI wording
- Added a golden arrow tooltip to the UI
- Enemies now have a death animation
- Added sliders for music and fx volume
- Adjusted volume on some sound effects
- Misc bugfixes

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