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I keep running into a bug on stage III on the Mountain level. When I place the conveyance ports etc, I'm not getting any currency back. Essentially I'm just depleting my currency until the level is lost, even if I otherwise could have won. 


Is there an android version?

Been playing it for days now and I honestly can't wait for the full release soon! 

Downloaded for free, played, enjoyed... supported! Amazing, thanks for making. The ecosystem left at rocket launch was spectacular!

Civilization but peaceful

I love it, very original and meaningful. Challenging gameplay too. Thanks a lot

Absolutely incredible. Challenging, fun to play, very beautiful pixel art along with a very interesting gameplay : i had a lot of fun ! Great job.

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I really liked the gameplay, a very different take on, uh, city building games ? Not sure how to classify this, but the way it makes you think about space is fun. I like the art style, the music was nice and relaxing. I'll be keeping an eye on the 2.0 version, that's for sure.

I do think there is something extremely ironic to be using gigantic metallic structures (that definitely required a lot of deforestation and destruction, etc. to build... ?) to restore the environment. I like playing the game, but it feels really off in how utopic and unrealistic the premise and the message is, but perhaps the problem there is just me.


Picked this up tonight and wow, it's amazing! It's everything I want from this type of game; the style is good, it feels good to play, there's satisfying feedback, and I love restoring plants to an area. Def gonna donate to this project and give you a follow! I hope the best for this project! :D


I remember playing this a few months ago! I adore the art style, hope to see more!

Amazing game! It triggers the fan of my machine a lot on bigger levels though: It would be great, if visuals like the bloom effect could be deactivated for weaker machines – e.g. with the Unity launcher menu.

Made a video about your game:


I really love the game! I always play it when I want to relax. It is so calming!

I would love it even more if there is a mode where you can't lose. If I have a terrible day, I play this game, and when I lose, it feels even more frustrating than in other games^^'

Thank you.

What a delightful little game. I couldn't put it down and spent the whole afternoon playing it. Can't believe my luck to randomly stumble upon this.


Great, but you might need a tutorial. I kept putting all my steam plants in one spot and I lost many times before I noticed that I had to put them in different places. Maybe tutorial or I'm dumb. :P

we need more terraforming map editor and random map gen and then this game will the best puzzle game in the world my rating currently is 9/10


I played through the whole game with a significant difficulty spike on the mountain, which spawned all the trees in one place.

I had almost no difficulty with stage 3 on every level as I didn't use boats and immediately restored the weather system.

I would like a way to easily reset progress so that I can watch the ecosystems reset all over again.

Great game, good mental exercise and relaxing concept & design except for mountain, add a buffer or smth.

I completed "Mountain" and I believe it was "Coastline" last night. I just launched the game, and now I am back before completing "Mountain". Has anyone else had this issue?

I had a similar issue when I finished mountain. When I launched next, it had put it back to before. But all I had to do was relaunch the level and then go back to the menu and it fixed it.

Thx for this super nice game.

I found 2 bugs :

* On Linux, at the end of the second level I clicked "Exit" instead of "return to the menu". When I launched again it said "go to the mountains" but only the 2nd level was available.

* When clicking "undo" during a fire spreading, some fire stop, some continue and even some depolluted soil replaced the ashes in some cases.

Anyway, many thanks for the game.


Windows, Linux and apple but no android? Kinda disappointed..


i love the graphics :oo


beautiful game, can't wait to play more and master every little detail to create the best ecosystems

will it be free forever also great game very nice feeling


Awesome game! The feel is amazing. I like the pace an the ambient it creates when playing it and the pixel art is just fantastic. 

Hi! I found a bug. If you add buildings after the Launch button is ready, then add a drone beacon, you can get the drone to come out and get the game stuck in the "waiting for drone return" state. And the drone won't land, no matter what you undo or redo :/ I was just trying to clean up the last burned building!


this game is just fantastic and absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for making it!

Really interesting game! A great balance in a game where time isn't pressuring as it the case in many other building games. This combined with the soundtrack allows for great ambience and a very chill game experience while remaining a game, with it's goals and challenges. There is enough strategic depth to make replaying a map interesting. Only downside is sometimes the visuals do not help when there is a lot of clutter.
Would definitely recommend, and will be looking forward to the commercial version!

i really hope there is not paid versio

so that i can continue playing

Friend, even if there is a commercial version, there's no reason you won't be able to play this one. The paid one will have different graphics and more content, that's all.

Omg! I love this game!


I think the difficulty curve needs to be worked on a bit. It feels like there's a very steep difficulty jump from level II to level III, as you can be level II without fully understanding the mechanics of how the boats work. I've also found it's a bit annoying to have to restart same part over and over again, but to get so close each time.


Hi, I absolutely adore this cute little game, and I had 3 ideas for future developments of this game.

1: I was wondering if there were any plans or ideas around level builders/community content? I would LOVE to have more levels to play, and if the community could handle that instead of you, the developer, that might give a pseudo infinite amount of play time!

2: When I unlocked the coastal levels I was looking forward to some kind of coastal or beach biome terrain to play around with, like a coral reef in the oceanic areas, or other types of oceanic biomes. I personally think there could be more to do with the ocean areas of the map, but that's just an idea :)

3: What if we could go to more islands? And in the end we transform a whole, desolate planet into this massive vibrant ecosystem, the rocket ship at the end of the levels feels like a nod or step in that direction, and having more levels/content with more challenges (or honestly repeated challenges) would be absolutely great from a player's perspective!

Nonetheless, this is probably one of my favorite indie games I've ever played, and I am so excited for the potential future developments, hope you had a good new year! <3


Really loving this! 

I'm coming accross an issue in the mountain level whereby despite loading all the available trees with beehives I can't get enough flowers. The trees generate quite closely together so that by  the time infrastructure is in place there arent enough tiles available to fill with flowers to meet the goal.

Despite that I am having a lovely time and will defintely be coming back to try again. It's  really beautiful and satisfying to figure out.


My best guess is "fill as much space with flowers as possible from the initial trees, leave a dead zone around it as firebreak, burn it and grow a forest, put greenery around the forest, use the trees at the edge of the forest to hold beehives for flowers".

However, even with that I haven't yet been successful; getting all that set up usually results in running out of money too soon.


I keep getting stuck on mountain — either I can't create enough greenery to get to tier 2, or I get to tier 2 and then can't simultaneously get enough fynbos and forest because all the trees are in one place (can't make two separate patches of fynbos to burn one for ash for the forest without ruining the other).

Which is a shame, because everything up to that was very smooth and pleasant.


Hi! Thanks for a wonderful game. Challenging yet calming and beutiful to look at.

I was wondering if you have considered any language translations? From an educational point of view, it would be great to introduce kids to this kind of thinking, without the language barrier.

I'm sure there would be plenty of people interested in contributing to this if there was a way.


I really love this game! I need to try and find similar games - I love the strategy and the concept.

This game is awesome! Just curious, what engine/language is it written in?




This is a really neat take on city building. I'd love to see the environmentalism taken to the next step, with animals, ecosystems, balancing of predators and prey, etc. 


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