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This is beautiful, I really like the pixel art aesthetic, too! Just saying, I see the Steam version departed from it towards a more contemporary style, still, I like this :)

Edit: Played it through. Pleasantly challenging, and so rewarding to see everything coming to life!

This game is the best ever! With making the planet more beautiful as its concept, I think it's one of the greatest environment games here. Keep it up!

10/10 btw

Thank you :) - you should check out our new version of the game on Steam


Alr, I will!


guy i'm soo happy to see your game on steam i will buy it without doubt when he will be out, i play it on 2020 and i don't know how to say that in english but in my mother tongue i would have say "un coup de coeur" i make something like all my friend i saw in the week try this game

^^ when the new version will be out?

Love this! Absolutely awesome, the art the music the gameplay and concept are all topnotch! Usually I suck at games, but the Zen mode and easy setting really helps. 


Very nice and chill game :)

its a realy good game i like the idea i think i have a older version its called terra nil 6.0 . you realy need to downlaod it

Just played the Steam demo on my Youtube channel! I'm looking forward to this one, though I do have a few concerns I discuss in my video. Feel free to go have a look!


This game good.

I really, really like the idea of the game and turning the city-building genre on its head. I'm looking forward to the full release :D

Such a great game! Very fun and strategic, but not stressful and very calming. :) Got 508 in the first area

I've enjoyed this. Will the full version be released on Itch?


I wish there was a beta version so I could play it on browser like Minedustry

I was moved by the way in which all biodiversity returns to its habitat, after everything has been a wasteland, I zoomed in on the bear and every little animal and insect that was around. This game is a great piece, there would have to be thousands of games like that, that create awareness about what surrounds us, beautiful 10/10
Hello, it's me again, it would be good that after the barren island, there is an island with cities, some abandoned and others to reform eco-friendly, it would be very incredible, there should be a menu where you can do cooperative economics, along the campaign, and one last island in the ocean with plastics and others, even if I get carried away, haha

hola, soy yo otra vez, estaría bueno que luego de la isla yermo, alla isla con ciudades, unas abandonadas y otras para reformar eco-amigable, seria muy increible, deberia haber un menú donde poder hacer economía cooperativa, a lo largo de la campaña, y una última isla en el océano con los plasticos y demas, aunque me deje llevar, jaja 


These are some good ideas, I hope the devs can work on some of them in the full game. Wishlisted on Steam! 


which version should I download? 32 bit or 32 bit


Idk what the game is like yet i havent started it, but there no settings. You can only change music and sfx volumes but thats it. No getting out of fullscreen or changing quality or anything. Can you guys please add that?

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The full game is a sure sell to me :). Awesome chill gameplay. **edit Preordered it with a down payment ;-)

Awesome game, reminds me of simAnimals. Also I made a video of the new demo. I am looking forward to it. 

Reminds me of ANNO 2070. Minus bang-bang-boom-boom, which isn't so much fun in a game like this anyway.

I had the amazing luck to play this game on the steam demo festival, this game has come a long way! I cant wait to see it when it reaches full release! 

Thank you for supporting this project here!

This game is a certified banger. Can't wait for the full release on steam!

You can't convince me that some of you devs actually played the mountain level on hard and then let that thing be in the game as it is.

The steam demo Look great! and is a really nice touch to the game! love how the game has evolved, noticed though that the steam demo had some heavy performance hits when moving the camera and dragging an object to be built at the same time, also noticed that when i dug a water path through a river it didn't flow out into the new path which seemed odd. but great game and really looking forward to the release :D

its nice seeing that this game is getting an overhaul

I like it! Really struggling with the mountain level. Lost count of how many times I've failed so far! I either struggle with placing enough beehives due to lack of trees (kinda make it work by burning stuff). Or I don't have enough money/water to place steam plants, then run out of money and fail. 
I will not let it beat me... 

you can cnrl click to start a fire easily

Odlična igrica, sve mi se dopalo, tema i koncept, sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica!

Currently stuck on the last level, but I've found the game quite enjoyable!

the 40.41 dont run on lubuntu
have you any idea how i can download the v0.40 ?

just saw this is being published by devolver. congrats! this game was fun as hell and I can't wait to get it on steam!


Thanks for the lovely support everyone!

Hey! I just got an email saying this game is gonna get published by Devolver Digital. WOw! Super stoked for you and your team. Goodluck with the release. This game still remains as the one and only game that's on my desktop while the rest stay in a folder, ha. 

How do I start a new game? Also, is there a way to force Windowed mode? This would be an awesome game to chill with while something is playing on the side.


Hey there, you need to click on a region on the map. You can force windowed with CMD line arguments in this version but no other way, I remember there were some comments about it below

Hey, thanks for the reply. I will look at the CMD line arguments and maybe create a BAT file if it works. Also thanks for telling me how to start a new game!

I have to say, the game is super chill and very lovely to look at and play. The concept of progress by re-greening the map is so so rewarding.

I don't know if it's OK to ask for things in the comments here, but I would love to see more detailed artwork when zooming in. The art style is gorgeous, and some more detail when zoomed in will go a very long way to making it even more enjoyable. 


Trailer was sick, looking forward to the full game. I do hope there are some new mechanics, would especially be nice to have maybe one time use powers or something that could help you recover from an unwinnable situation. Either way looking forward to the game.


So happy to see the trailer for the big release! GOOD LUCK!

Hope you do us a solid and release the commercial version here.

See my post :)

I love it! It's relaxing and strategic at the same time, I finished it in one sitting.

Great game! Love the idea it’s really inspired me to learn how you did it!


Hello! Just bought the game and enjoyed it. I notice that on my laptop, I can't view... uh. Now that I look, I see there are pan/rotate controls that I didn't notice at all while playing. It might be a good idea to highlight those in the game itself for those of us who don't notice them on this page. I was going to say the game was made harder by my being unable to see the landscape edges!

Mountain is actually impossible to pass, even on Easy. I don't know if I'm just logically illiterate, but there's either not enough trees or currency to spread Fynbos or to contain the bushfire after setting part of it on fire.


Yeah, this level frustrated me. I got to being *almost* there, with 42% completion, everything done but a little more fynbos. But now I'm stuck and have to start over because I basically can't ever undo forest growth and can't put it where I want it. Also, fires don't seem to burn forests, contrary to what the burner's tooltip says.


You can rebuild toxin scrubbers on the ruins after a fire, it makes things much easier, you can limit forest growth and have farmland just next to the trees for fynbos.

(And you can use the trees you planted for beehives too, not just the natural ones, seems obvious but took me a while to figure out).

Hey! I really like the game, so I decided to mention it on one of my youtube videos! 

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