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Nice game

great game


I downloaded this game without paying and was absolutely delighted with what I was playing. Just came back to pay my dues and my respects.

This game is beautiful and inventive. I'm so glad people are thinking about this kind of simulator, the sake of our future depends on imaginative solutions.

Thank you!


Just want to drop by and say that this is a really fun & challenging game!

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I really want to like this game because of it’s theme, and also because the pixel art here looks beautiful. But unforunately I’m a bit frustrated with the difficulty.

Why do the Steam Plants cost so much? It takes 1000 resources to create the weather system, I wasn’t aware of that while I was on stage II and so now I’m just screwed. I was hoping to get some extra resources by recycling buildings, but the conveyance ports never work! Can the boat not travel through a water pump? I can’t remove the water pump cause I don’t have the weather system, and I can’t have a weather system because the water pump prevents me from recycling stuff. All I can do restart (this happened twice already)

Maybe the problem is that I went in, thinking this would be a relaxing experience, and only then found out that I should’ve been strategic and saved up resources. (I thought 700 would be enough…)

I will restart again and I will complete it, because overall the game is worth it, but this is not a 5/5 for me sadly.

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Nevermind, I tried again and the game is not that difficult. I’m sorry for being so negative in my previous comment. Finished a couple more levels, this game is very satisfying.

Looking forward to whatever comes next!

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Nice game! Challenging and fun =)

Nice Game!

Hello VFQD,

I mentioned your game in my article Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. The reason is because of how tiny your game file is and how, even though it's still in development, it received over 300 five star reviews!

May I use an image from the page in the article? The image would contain a caption with a concise description, credit to the creator and link back to the page.

That's absolutely fine! Hope your article goes well :)

Thank you.

I'm excited to watch Terra Nil develop. :D


Hi vfqd - do you have an email address for a quick Q&A?

I am writing on behalf of Funland, an all-new, subscription-based gaming publication. Our first issue is forthcoming, and we are looking for exciting, creative games to preview.

We thought Terra Nil would be a good game to feature, and I would like to ask you some questions and get some more information on the game if at all possible.



Hey! Pop me a mail at

Deleted 1 year ago

That is just what I was going to say; this is 2D Islanders! I just found it now and it looks gorgeous.


I yet to beat the island it is so bloody hard!


I am already addicted to this game. It is super relaxing, and I love the ecological message. It seems straightforward initially, but you really do have to use your brain

Mesmerizing, addicting, soothing, satisfying game! It is so beautiful and so well-thought-out. I love the idea of re-wilding a wasteland. (Just finished the mountain level!)

Suggestions for future updates:
- more content
- easier mode :))
- sandbox mode
- save/load game


P.S. I know the pixel font used on this game page does match the game, but it's actually hard to read text in this font! Hope you can consider changing it to a more readable font.

doesn't launch on lower-end intel computers


Absolutely adored playing this game! Wishing there were even more levels to play as I’ve become quite hooked.

Would you consider a large sandbox level for some fun unrestricted terraforming in this beautiful pixel art?

The game is good, relaxing and mind-blowing. Although it is understandable for what is the game doing from just looking at the tools the player can use, it is recommended to add some instructions in the game to remind the players of the control (Yeah, I just did not see the instructions on the above introduction and play the game, how silly am I)

Keep it up!

This looks sick!

damn, looking at the animations, this is really well-done! good luck on completing this project!


nice game but good god

the mountain

i hate it

:/ sorry to hear that, thanks for the feedback


nice :D


So I started this game, and at first I really loved it. Then I got to mountain, and it became an unfun micro-manage-y slog-fest. I'm on something like my 8th attempt. Kept getting idiotic river layouts or just no rivers at all and it's just literally impossible. Fucking excavators are just too expensive and too big to work with. The few times I make it to tier 3, I simply don't have enough money to get the weather running, and because of the dumbass river layout I can't send anything via boat.

Instead of being a fun, relaxing game like I wanted this level is a re-roll nightmare where you can easily get 100% stuck based solely on RNG, repeatedly. I love the idea of this game and the over all implementation is really good, but the random generation and the balance are abysmal for mountain. I would really love to play through the rest of this game, but I don't want to attempt Mountain for the 10th time. It's repetitive and unfun.

Hey! I'm really sad to hear that's been your experience. I'll definitely take your feedback on board. If you want to DM me on twitter at I can give you some dev cheats if you want to continue

i found the re-roll aspect to make the game more relaxing

it's like solitaire, sometimes you just get a bad deck so you shuffle em up and try again

would be cool to be able to infinitely undo though


This game is gorgeous :D 


Few comment, mostly for Linux.

  • The zip file should unpack into a new directory, not into same directory. I.e. It should unpack into Terra Nil, not into my current directory and pollute the content with random files.
  • It would be nice if the main binary file had an executable bit set out of the box in the archive. This can be done with zip, and definitively with tar.xz
  • No option to play with vsync. The main menu is 600 fps, and the game is 180 fps. It is nice that I can do it, but option to limit fps would be nice for laptops / battery operated devices. This happen with both OpenGL and Vulkan renderer.
  • Game works perfectly with Unity's Vulkan renderer (-force-vulkan). I would suggest making it a default (in Unity, go to project settings, to Graphics, then Linux graphics API, and set to manual, make Vulkan first, OpenGL second).
  • No option to launch in windowed mode or on a specified monitor. Would be nice to maybe have a shortcut for that.

Other than that looks perfect. It even works perfectly on my weird monitor (1920x1920) with its weird aspect ratio.


The game is a splendid experience that doesn't enforce any time limits, is easy to pickup and made me play it for multiple hours. I absolutely love this and will pay money for it in the coming future - if it gets polished and refined. The UI needs a bit of love, I didn't instantly notice the second tab of buildings, and the "exit" button in pause is confusing - IMHO it should say "quit game" and be marked with red. Also, I've passed the peninsula level, and accidentaly exit the game, and when I opened it up it said "island unlocked" but it stays locked. Anyway, great game, wish you the best with it!  


This is an amazing game, and I definitely would've paid money for this if I had the means too. It would'nt run properly on my pc at first, because I only had a ryzen 3400g and only used the onboard graphics, but I now know that it was the amd FreeSync in the radeon software. So if  you have problems running it probably turn off freesync in the amd software. Overall amazing game, refreshing twist on citybuilder games, and beautiful art. 

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Lovely game. Great work on the ambient and music, it makes for a really soothing experience!
The island was quite a challenge! I just barely made it. All in all, surely worth paying for ^_^

2 bugs that were quite apparent:
- When accidently placing a toxin scrubber out of range of electricity, then placing any others nearby that do have electricity have no effect
- The bee sprites gfx seem to break down into weird yellow pixely globs when its raining

Oh yea, I was also kinda hoping that when after I finished the island I'd be rewarded with a "Congrats, you made it!" screen with some bonus gfx/sfx.

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback

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Why the hell do you have "Exit" button on score popup?! It's on the place where "continue" button always lies. I accidentally pressed Exit both times. After Floodplains it exited to Windows and I've lost my progress. Game wrote "mountain unlocked", but mountain is not clickable.

Sorry to sound negative. I Love the game, but this thing is super frustrating. Is there a cheat code or save file to not replay Floodplains again?

Hey, really sorry to hear this :/ if you DM me on twitter I'll tell you some dev cheats to get past that area so you don't have to play it again

:O There are cheats?!


Ofc :P

Hi there! I had the same issue as keks24. I also realllly like your game haha. Could you send me that cheat to so I can skip the Mountain level that I truly finished but then clicked on exit EXIdentally ? ;)

DM me on twitter

Ha, I did this three times. 4th time's the charm as they always say.


I'm loving the game, congrats! This is truly a gem: strategy, simple mechanics, attention to the details (yes, the closer you zoom the more nature sounds of that area you hear) and a great way to teach about natural ecosystems. As already said, I'd love to have more maps and perhaps a map editor for extending the game even further. Keep it up!


I love this game so much, a perfect game, nothing to change. I love pixel art game. If possible more technological tress and different Terran and habitat will be amazing. Need more maps or perhaps random map generator. I will love to see how far it can develop into future. If possible you can give us road map vision for this game so that we can contribute funding. Will love to help this game develop. Thank you. 


I would pay good money to see a sequel, or an enhanced version of this marvelous game. Like, with story mode, new buildings, new biomes, new mechanics, new maps....i mean, i had a great time playing it (i still play when i need to relax, even tho i completed it), and it's perfect in his way, but i think there is great potential, and you could do so much more. Anyway, 10/10

Stay tuned ;)

You made my day. I can't say how much i'm hyped right now.


I love the theme of fixing the environment. would love to see more games like this.

It's just updated.. My data's gone and the controls have changed..


Finished the game multiple times, and Island was definitely the hardest to finish. (Still haven't been able to beat it on Normal consistently.) That said, I've tagged vfqd and elaraydine on Twitter, but no joy so far. :(

Has anyone unlocked modes past the Island? I recall seeing random map gen as an option in Raptor's playthrough, but have yet to unlock it.

All the maps are randomly generated with some initial constraints


I finished all the maps in about 5h, it was a great time. Working in environmental engineering I was immediately drawn to it, it's not often you see a game about my field of work! 

The pixel art is great, the atmosphere is perfectly relaxing, I turned off the soundtrack after the third map to put some jazz to mix the mood. I would definitely love to see more content, you could even expand the gameplay to add different energy sources based on the type of map, because wind turbines unfortunately aren't the remedy to all our problems.

Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to see updates in the future!


The first map, I was working away, watching every green sprout with the intensity of a gardener checking for pests, when I saw movement. Startled, I watched it for a moment, taking in the creature walking around when I realized I had succeeded in making a habitat that supported animals.

That feeling I had was the when I knew I had found a great example of a terraforming/environmental reclamation game. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing (more content hopefully?) and where it goes from here. 5/5

<3 <3

Great game! Thank you! I must say the Islands were really challenging, they took me three attempts to complete. And even then in the end it was really close. Like 3 points left close. I really hope for more content some day. Maybe an ending even - like where did the rockets go or something.)) The idea has a lot of potential, you could do different environments, different principles of restoring the nature, maybe have an overall counter of the global climate or something. Good luck!

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Don't rockets come back to be used for next reclaiming ?

An animation at each level start with a rocket crashing on the map would be fun. After the crash, the initial money would fly from the wreck to the money counter.

I imagined it being solely for the purpose of cleaning up. Not even anthropocentric self-justifying of humanity, perhaps like the entire operation is AI directed and then after the mission is efficiently accomplished, the rockets just steer themselves into the Sun or something, not to leave traces behind. Well but not everything needs explaining. 

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Oh, I didn't mean a crash in the RimWorld way where you have to save people. But more, how an IA efficiently reuses the same material to conduct the task.

Once the task is done, all the material is packed and sent to a different site for another restauration.

I love this game so far but it completely froze my computer twice - I don't think I can keep playing it which is quite frustrating. Played on Linux x86_64. the Windows version launched via Wine but the graphics were just black apart from the UI. I'll try again some time.

fun but brutally hard! Mountain section stumped me for over an hour, I restarted several times to no avail. Wish there was a creative mode to help me learn the mechanics!

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