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Tiny Ramparts (formerly Tetradom) is a micro strategy game. Construct buildings, build defenses, and train troops during the day, then defend your kingdom at night.

This prototype has autobattler mechanics and a several viable upgrade trees. It has been designed as a tight, short loop as a tiny strategy game.

With music by the wonderful Meydän


- All mouse driven, click and drag to place

- R or mouse wheel to rotate

- WASD / Arrows to pan

Tools used:

Unity, Aseprite, JuiceFX, PixelFXDesigner, Audacity, Bfxr

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Puzzle
Tagsautobattler, City Builder, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 54, Pixel Art, Tetris, Tower Defense
LinksLudum Dare


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Tiny Ramparts Windows v0.13(Standalone).zip 45 MB
Tiny Ramparts Linux v0.13(Standalone).zip 43 MB
Tiny Ramparts OSX v0.13(Standalone).zip 42 MB
Original 48hr version - TetradomWindows_48hr 29 MB

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After playing past the "you won" screen i have encountered 2 bugs, at a ceirtain point when u have loads of units they just completely forget to attack/move and only get activated when enemies are hitting them, also if u earn enough gold per turn u can reach a "card limit" which just deletes cards which u are supposed to get if u have too many in hand. (other than that tho amazing game keep making it!)

I really enjoyed playing this game. Great job!

The bug prevents me from playing normally. I reached wave 19 and this bug happened. There is no way to restart the wave, it’s just super! (The bug is that units don’t see the enemy, and healers heal the building indefinitely. The AI of the units is simply terrible)

Thanks for the feedback

Bug: Warriors won't attack creepers after their barrack is destroyed. 
The creepers are attacking my sawmill in the west side after the barrack is destroyed. The warriors only moved to the location where the barrack is originally located, and never attack the creepers.
The healers are healing the sawmill and the creeper are attacking the sawmill, so it has turned into a loop.

Thanks for letting me know!

great update with bug fixes ! now we need more space :D

Wooooah! That's seriously impressive

(1 edit)

some notes from this run :

since 20 i just started to sell and ignore everything that is not a house , sawmill , and academy . a cool trick that i discovered is that it's much more safer to build troops in the center of the map instead of houses . houses instead went unprotected far away from center and i really didn't care about them , they served as roadblocks for the enemies more than an economy building since sawmills pretty much covered all economic needs more than enough (couldn't take everything from the daily rewards because of the limit of how much you can hold) .

btw , fully upgraded farms are much worse than sawmills : farms with 3 tiles with about 16 gold on the fertile ground vs sawmills with 2 tiles and about 20 gold (if i remember correctly) . not sure if that is what you intended , but seems like there is no reason to invest in farms at all .

then i realised that towers give 4 population wich is 2 times as efficient as houses . and around day 30 i just started to replace peripheral houses with walls . then i just got tired and ran out of space .

and also , while you select a reward you can still place and sell stuff from your hand , which helps collect more cards than your hand limit . it is probably not intended but very important for selling useless torches right away since even when the whole map is illuminated you still get torch rewards .

This is great feedback! Thank you :) 

I think this game is brilliant. I enjoyed it a lot and loved the atmosphere, the system, and the design. It's the second time I've reached level 25. Maybe I was lucky with the talents.

I have some tips to improve the game:

  • The talent chooser after the night could have a tooltip. Currently, the cursor selects the element behind the talent. I would like to have more information about the talent in the right description place, such as how much effect I can obtain by selecting it. Additionally, I would like more specific information about the numbers on the talent. For example, what does "bigger health+dmg for warriors talents" mean? Is it +50%? +100%? 2×?
  • Healers have a slow heal orb. I noticed that my building or soldier died before the healers could heal them. It seems a bit awkward and painful to watch my soldiers dying in the healers' hands. I think it would be better to heal the target instantly instead of using the projectile orb. You could add a circle or light effect on the target that received the heal.
  • I don't like the talent that swaps the healers into mages. It feels like I lost an ability. It's only my opinion, but I think it could be better if you could add a "+fire mage / night" talent instead of converting all the healers. This way, you could have healers and mages simultaneously. Alternatively, healers could heal in an area around the target, and this area could burn the enemy inside it (with this talent). This way, it feels like you gain a better ability instead of losing a good one.
  • Placing buildings was a little uncomfortable. I didn't always feel how it works. It feels like the map is a big table, but I don't sense where the columns are.
  • There is space for some statistics on the right panel. I would like to know how much gold I can get after the night.

But I think this is a good game. Nice job! :D

Thank you for the feedback!

Hi, I cannot play your game on Mac sonoma, the error says 'it cannot be opened'

(1 edit)

You usually need to change permissions on the executable with games from itch. This is how to fix those types of issues

I can confirm this works. Tested on 13.6 (Ventura). Thank you for the macOS export :)

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I really enjoyed this one!

Few Bugs:

Soldiers sometimes ignore enemies, they'll just go through your stuff, if you have sorcerer repairing a building - you'll be stuck watching sorcerer and the enemy fight over the building.

After I got to round 25 the game did not continue - you hit the Begin Night button and its over, instantly get paid; thinking this is to do with the archer range as it ran smoothly up until it was added. Gradually it got worse - I could no longer remove buildings, and then I couldn't move them only place.

**EDIT** Played again without archer range and everything is fine :)

The ranger camp issue should be fixed now!

(5 edits) (+1)

Hello, and thank you for such a beautiful project. I'm enjoying it, from the intro to the music. 

Needless to say, it's a challenge. Still, despite understanding the great effort, I want to report a small bug. 

I place a Farm next to the Archers, then select the Archers' building, and it remains constantly selected, and I can't choose another building. 

I can select the Begin Night button. No hostiles appear, and money is added. 

After this, it's always the same day, like Groundhog Day, but you keep the loot and the girlfriend after waking up.

Several shifts later

This should be fixed with v0.13

(1 edit) (+1)

great idea! but bugs make it unplayable, one with unmovable buildings, another one when days stop progressing, and another one when the game just froze.

update: bugs fixed.

yes, it stopped at day 10 shortly after i was unable to move buildings.


Should be fixed :)

thank you!

These should be fixed now!

thank you for notice :) will try it out again !

Nice game. Made it to day 41. 

Sorcs are op :) they melt anything even at 52 days and I finally got bored.

Nice!! Yeah the balanced might be a bit wonky at the top end

Yeah so, as fatswan (and others) have explained, I have the same problem, the ranger camp has some game breaking bugs. Also, if there's a building right next to the darkness, warriors sometimes ignore the enemies, and if you have enough healers, this can put you in a loop, forcing you to restart. But besides, the game is really fun, and enjoyable, I look forward to updates soon! ^^

(ps. there could be a troop that the player can control, to make them a little more active during the night)

Should be fixed now! I have thought about adding a player hero to run around at night, but I'm torn, as part of the fun of this game seems to be just watching it play out


The warriors could have a bit more of aggro - enemies frequently attack stuff and the nearby warriors just stand there and do nothing - or react way too late

Should be fixed!


(1 edit) (+1)

*** BUG REPORT ***
First of all, I love the game!
- I started my third match, and the game stucked in a eternal loop of "Start the Night" no matter if the UI show day or night, and enemies stop to show and I got stucked in an eternal money and recourses farming without any other game play. Cheers! The game is super fun to play!

I had the same thing on my second game - i also couldnt move buildings anymore and i think one of the buildings stayed permanently selected?

I had the same bug on second game. Not sure if the ranger camp caused the glitch.


Yeah the ranger camp had an issue but it should be fixed


Thank you! Those bugs should be fixed now

(2 edits) (+3)

i've discovered a game-breaking bug with the ranger building. it seems you're not allowed to place the ranger building next to anything (which isn't explained in the tooltip, and presented great frustration until i realised what was going on in a second run. i would recommend explaining this fact to the player).

the bug: if you place the ranger building down, you can then place other buildings within its no-buildings area, at the very least houses, doing so utterly breaks the game:

the ranger building's little circles (which indicate connection to a forest) remain eternally highlighted. the offending building can't be moved. in fact, no placed buildings can be moved at all.

further, choosing "begin night" begins a night with no enemies. the night "ends" correctly, in that money and choices are rewarded, but the night counter doesn't advance. the first time this happened to me was exactly on night 5, so i kept getting torches and one extra reroll, which was very funny.

i played in this enteral night 5 for a while, placing torches to expand my area and upgrading methods of acquiring money in order to level up faster in order to get more upgrades. the eternal night 5 never ended, and i got bored of waiting for the bug to fix itself. at this point, i didn't understand the cause, and assumed it was a hiccup in the night counter.

the second time the bug happened, i understood the cause was placing houses directly next to a ranger building. this time it was on night 10 and i kept getting 1 extra choice (the dialogue still said 4, but i had 5, then 6, and then they went off the screen). i still couldn't move any placed buildings, enemies continued to not spawn, and the night counter didn't advance.

that was probably more detail than you needed.

besides that, this a very fun game! i made it night 19 twice but have yet to survive 20.

EDIT: oh, i'm not entirely sure if it's a bug or a questionable UI choice, but i've found that when placing buildings they appear in my cursor in a different position (a little higher) than they will when placed. this makes trying to place things neatly rather confusing, and requires trial-and-error for things like linking up towers with barracks.


same here

Thanks for the feedback! The ranger camp issue should be fixed now

(1 edit) (+1)

A really nice game! However, I have encountered quite a few bugs. One common one is the game not changing from day to night, and clicking on "Begin Night" just gives money as if the night passed (but no monster spawned). This first happened when I completed the game. There's a lot of other small glitches, such as sometimes not being able to move buildings at all, or healers are turned into sorcerers automatically when starting a new game, or the circle animation at the beginning of the game looping annoyingly. But great job, keep it up! Are you planning on making the code open source?

Edit: forgot to mention I'm on Ubuntu.


Same issue on windows. But until this (wave ~15 I think) the game felt really nice great work :) 

This should be fixed!~

Very fun, the new update is great. 

I think I've broken the game, however. 

If you play long enough(and your setup is good) things start gettong a bit weird.

I spawn so many units each night it starts lagging and I can no longer move Buildings after Placing them. As is visible in the picture above, the UI also starts to struggle at some point.


Woah... I assume this is not actually wave 24?

This IS wave 24. I had a pretty insane run, with a lot of sawmills and sawmill upgrades


Woooah, that's amazing. What UI issues were you having specifically?

(1 edit)

As is visible in the screeshot (two Ranger Camps on the top left), some of the buildings wouldn't unselect after being placed. Placing buildings in general was pretty floaty and sometimes took a few tries. 

You couldn't move already placed buildings anymore (as in, they were impossible to even pick up) and the card selection starts to be hard to click with a lot of cards. I think that's it. 

Honestly though, I was pretty amazed that the game still ran at all, I was putting quite a bit of a strain on it


Ah! I see them now. Thanks for letting me know :)

how to make it on full screen 

possibility to change control ? i'm on azerty


hi! love your game- it really do be tiny tho:

is there any way to get it in full screen i'm missing?

You can press ctrl+F11 on Windows (but I'll improve this on the new version)


not working for me :( but i'll keep an eye out for the next release ^^


Add Tavern to boost house economy and add Adventurer's guild to hire adventurers that levels up everytime they slay creatures?


Nice game, I can report the Linux build works just fine (says untested).


The warriors could really need updates on their targets. Just got stuck in a loop of out healing the damage and the warriors just stands around. Otherwise, it is a rare treat of a game :)

Really fun game. Just wanted to report an issue which is that rangers can't shoot enemies that are visible on the map and attacking. In this instance it even meant being unable to progress because the wall is being healed faster than the enemies can attack it, but none of my attacking units are taking care of the enemies.

(2 edits) (+1)

Really cool game! By the end I got a pretty nice looking castle too <3

In the end I made it to night 40 with the whole outer map being covered with walls, towers and barracks

(3 edits) (+1)

Neat game!  One gripe-

It's really annoying that all Warriors all target the same enemy every time.  Spreading several Barracks over the map should mean that they split up sensibly, but they will instead run to the far end letting enemies right next to them destroy your base.

I'd just request that Warriors update their attack priority far more often


This! I agree, just got stuck in a loop because the soldiers stopped targeting enemies after going to the wrong side first and now my healers are out healing the damage.

Best game of the jam for me, the concept and execution are amazing, I had a lot of fun playing it and reaching night 20 ! Please make a full game at some point it's so good, like actually

I'll get an update out soon :)

I love the idea of the game, reminds me a lot of rampart and graphics are so good.
I don't mean to be harsh but AI of the units is trash(most noticable with warriors), they all go and attack the same enemy and I usually feel cheated when warrior from left side goes all the way to right and leaves his side of the map undefended.
Maybe have Kingdom Rush style zone around baracks in which warriors will attack. No rally point just circle that they protect and attack once enemy enters. That shouldn't be too hard or time consuming to implement using circle collider and I think it would go a long way with QoL of the game.
Boss might be harder this way tho, so maybe having an option to circle protect or attack anywhere on the map would be good.

Sorry for rambling, I just found the loop of the game really interesting and was slightly triggered everytime all the warriors go to attack one enemy on left side while there is 3 on the right.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah this jam version has pretty shitty AI - I'm hoping to improve that with a post-jam build


warriors don't always attack when they have to

Great and fun game mechanics, kudos! A few points to improve:

- After 30th day, when I have a lot of units, the fps is starting to drop drastically at nights. I guess the arrow particles are one of the main causes.

- At the end of the night, the flying coins are on top of the card selection menu, obstructing it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice idea and I like the style. But is it intended that I don't get new cards? After placing some building I had basically nothing to do because I didn't get new cards.

Did you click the begin night button?

Yes, I made it through several nights.  After a night, I can choose a new card. If I choose a building, it is added to my playable cards, if I choose an upgrade, nothing happened. So basicalli after playing my initial cards, I can play one new card at most per day but often, I can do nothing at all.

You can move your existing buildings around, you need to defend & get more gold making buildings to get new buildings. The upgrades are having an effect, it's sometimes just stat changes

I replayed it and now a understand it better. Maybe I was misled by false expectations. It's a very nice game and I love the pixel art style.