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I've never launched a game from a download before, how do I make the file into a game?

What do you mean ? How do you launch the game once you have downloaded it ?
What kind of computer do you have, a Windows, Linux, Mac ?

yeah how do i launch the game? I have a windows computer.

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Try to click on "show local files" on the right panel and double click on "terra nil" executable. I don't know why but the game doesn't want to launch directly in but accept to launch from the explorer on my side. (I suspect it launch the "UnityCrashHandler64" instead of "Terra Nil" executable.)

Oh, haha, I just had to actually download the app so sorry, I'm just dumb lol, thanks guys.

Such a lovely idea, such an unworked one too! I'm fed up of killing and destroying. :)

Geez, I must be missing something: how do you get the recycled building materials to the rocket? If I deconstruct buildings, I don't have water anymore. :'(

Place the rocket port, then start up the weather system. A supply of rain will ensure rivers won't dry up.

Ooooh, OK, I got it mixed up for some reason, I thought I needed something else firrst.


This is such a special game, from the music to the graphics & gameplay. A hidden gem. Thanks!

Hello, the game looks awesome. I donated, please keep updating it !!!


Превосходная игра.
Нельзя допустить того момента, когда экологические проблемы станут настолько сильными, что игра станет явью.

Excellent game.
We must not allow the moment when environmental problems will become so strong that the game will become a reality

This is a great game and I have been enjoying it a lot. Thank you for releasing your game!

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Another suggestion: Have a co-op mode. 2 people team up to restore the environment, but the map is double the size, so it will still be challenging.

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This game is amazing! Dropping you some $$$ right now, please keep it going!

Some suggestions for future content:

  • Beaches/Sand - rebuild dunes/replant coastal bushes/grasses?
  • Water/Underwater - purify lakes and sea water to bring back sea grasses, fish etc

Potentially a new type of map, some sort of degraded land?

  • Swampy/toxic sludge lakes/rivers - have to purify rather than pump bore water?
  • Abandoned industrial/factory areas - with spots of severe pollution that toxin scrubbers can't handle
    • Potentially with the addition of abandoned buildings that can be converted into scrubbers or greenhouses for half-cost?
    • And potentially mostly-degraded road or concrete tiles that can act as solid ground for power?
  • Abandoned farmland - soil isn't toxic but severely nutrient deficient - don't need scrubbers but greenhouses will only produce half-output or something

These ideas are really interesting--I especially like the additional biomes.


Please include an vsync option, you are cooking my GPU.


Canť get the game running on MacOS Catalina for some reason. Tried running the command, but it says No such file or directory. Even tried re-writing the command - but to no avail. The game looks great, I'd love to play it)) Recommendations? 

Hey! Are you running the terminal in the same directory as the app? Also, have you moved the app to your Applications folder?

Hey)) Yes. And yes. It literally says:

 chmod: Terra*: No such file or directory


Try this

sudo chmod a+x Terra\

Nope... "No such file or directory" ((

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Maybe try this? It seems to be a permissions issue with the ZIP

For Mac users who’ve downloaded an .app, you’ll need to do a bit of Terminal maintenance. Right-click the .app, navigate to /Contents/MacOS, and find the single Unix executable file. Open a terminal window and type in “chmod +x “, then drag in the Unix executable. You should wind up something that looks like this:

chmod +x /Users/UserName/Downloads/Terra

Hit enter, you should see the icon change, and your .app should be good to go!

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I like it

I really love this game. It's all I've wanted in a city builder - I just wish it had more levels! 

No complaints! just a wish for more:

Someone below commented that they like to see more of the biome mechanics. I don't know how possible it would have been, but one thing I would really love is after the rocket launches, a little bit of the streams shifting into more natural fractal patterns, more lakes/rivers/marshes developing, a little bit more habitat shifting (back and forth to represent succession patterns), and maybe some natural phenomena to represent the passage of time as a satisfying finish. 

I wish the maps were larger too, but that's just for more fun to be had.

I love the little critters in each biome. I thought it would be cool to see little guys in transition zones! So many options! but things like: grassland/marsh -> herons. grassland/forest -> mountain lion/foxes. forest/fynbos -> oryx, forest/marsh -> jaguar/pythons... Something like that, don't want to mix up continental species too much.

Thank you for your creation!

Also, we could get extra points from the number of animals generated. Right now I have noticed that there is on group of animal per biome patch, so the more separate patch, the more animals.

But we could imagine different rules : animal number depending on biome size...

It took me about a week to actually come and download the game and play it and I already regret taking so long to commit because this game is so good. It is definitely the reverse colonization game we needed.

(It's kind of a shame that the very satisfying biome mechanics don't show up until the second half of the second level)

Can you make the highland map a tutorial that guides you to all of the features of the game eg. guide the process of increasing biodiversity and building a rocket and making a weather system?

This is really cute and fun. I always wanted a factorio/satisfactory where you actually care about the environment...

Stage 3 feels a bit finicky sometimes with how to get a path for supplies to the rocket. Other than that, 10/10


Okay, I'm back after a week. Holy heck, the last are so difficult if being played in hard difficulty, I really feel that I've to be lucky just to advance to the next stage of buildings in that area. Took me hours and I finally gave up and decided to go with easy mode. Well, at least I finally completed the game. Overall it was a very good game. A little expansion on the mission and things you can build would be a great addition. Also adding a more detailed explanation of the game mechanics would help new player a lot on how to play this game. That's all, I rate it 5/5.

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One suggestion I have. Can you add a new area in which some parts of the area are blocked by what looks like ruins of a city and these ruins can only be cleaned up by drones. 

That's a neat idea! Totally fits into the ecological recovery aspect of the game, too.

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Addition: You need to clean up all of the ruins to progress. I have some ideas about how to make this part a challenge, but other ideas are welcome. Needing power to supply beacons is an idea, but that will be confusing because beacons clean up windmills.

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Beat the final map. The approach I used was... pedantically trying to avoid wasting any bits of land (i.e. sometimes less efficient greenhouse placement) and maximising coverage from the start (water, power, greenery). I would create rivers from the beginning even at the limit of what was affordable / not getting stuck. Because that map is an island it was almost completely covered when I got to the biodiversity phase. Still after I got the research building I pushed on to try to get 100% coverage. I used the beehives when I was forced / needed to because of money and then burnt. I tried cleaning about 50% of the ash on the burnt building spots so that the ash and greenland was interleaved for easy beehiving. When I got the balance right with beehives and forest then I did the wetlands and finally a bit of a struggle to raise land in enough places with greenhouses for the arrid stuff. I think this is generally a good order because of the volatility of burning it's better to do that earlier than later when things are more locked down? BTW The visuals and music and theme are very relaxing but the actual gameplay is very stressful :D

This is a lot of fun, great game. Hope it gets expanded.

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This scratched such an itch. Serious vibes of early Civilization, Pharaoh, and Afterlife. But better. The reward is so clear and beautiful. I keep finding myself stuck in the Floodplain level at the last stage, but I keep wanting to play it over and over again trying to solve the puzzle I didn't realize I was trying to solve.

I love this. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new and challenging city management.

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Please make a windowed mode optional! While I understand it ruins a bit of the immersion, I know some people like to be able to click between applications and check on things that their computer is doing!

It also makes it easier to make sure your computer isn't overheating since not having a windowed mode prevents Windows from giving you the temperature notification.

Other than that I absolutely love the game. It's litterally the only thing i would change!

I love the game and hope to see some more content added!


Just registered and donated for this, really love the game!

Could the step by step to install it on a Mac Catalina be clarified? I've tried all sorts of ways, didn't work. Thanks!


Probably one of the prettiest and coolest concepts. I am definitely donating some for this. Really cool pixel art, music, and overall style with some cool nature/city building puzzle elements going on. Really well done. 


BUG : I had finished level 4. But instead of clicking "continue" (or "back to menu" I don't remeber exactly the wording), I clicked the "quit" dialog button. When I came back, the game had not registered my victory.

Yep same problem for me too. I mean I don't mind playing it again cuz this game is awesome, but still I'm kinda disappointed of losing some progress

I love this game and I hope you add more continents/areas to restore because it's too short.  It took a while to get over the initial working out what to do (there should be hints or a tutorial or something), but it didn't detract from the fun, once I've gotten to know it.


I ran into a small bug in phase 3, where I used a seed launcher to plant a tree under a conveyance port. The port was being counted as a building that needed to be removed, but acted like a tree in all other respects. When I exited to the main menu, and continued my game, the port was gone, replaced by the tree.

I'm enjoying the game so far though. The theme is refreshing to see, and the pixel art is lovely. I particularly appreciate the zen mode option. I look forward to playing more!


we need more games with this concept. Thank you for creating this game!

I am hard stuck in Area III. Can't get enough flower. Any advice? 

I love the game, the fact that you can play it in any computer is awesome. 


I need help with stage III

You don't need to burn a very big forest, but a forest with loooong frontiers to prairies. So try to organise the that on stage 1.

Also I try tp keep most of the initial trees out of the forest, so I can grow many flowers between them

Good advice.

You can also burn a huge forest and rebuild some of the toxin scrubbers. Then you can plant some chunks of forest and put lots of greenery in between.

I found area III harder than area IV. After I got past the flowers, I failed the stage twice because I could not get the weather going. The steam generators need a 2x2 space of water with power and most of the good spots need some channels for the water and then you need to build power on top of that. This is really expensive on top of the already expensive steam engines.

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Yes! Those steam engines are difficult to place. When I notice I need a 2x2 place of water was a mindblow. Now I always try to make same square water in every corner


Pro tip, you can also put them on marshlands or whatever the biome is called that I forgot. At least I was able to do it like that.

You can't build wetlands in stage 3.

Thanks man. I will try that.

Love the game so far. I've only played the first two levels but I noticed something and wanted to just give some feedback. I noticed that when you put down the little square recycling plants, they don't automatically connect to the conveyer loader things in the river, so if I place down another recycled after having put down a loader, I have to make another loader just to connect that one recycler. Would be nice if they could connect to already made systems. Granted, if I went back and did it again, I would plan ahead to avoid the problem, but still.

Addictive and fun gameplay, I really enjoy the strategy of it! My one little thing is in tier III it is frustrating to recycle the buildings which then destroys my rivers, that I then have to rebuild the water pumps because water is needed for the steam plants. But other than that this game is perfect!


Area IV completed in one run. It was the most tense and challenging area so far because I've to find a way to evenly distributes the biomes around. I was saved at the last moment when the rain pours down, giving me enough fund to finally reclaim that area. Good game.


The game is a work of art.

All the elements really come together, and give you a lot to think about. The skill ceiling feels really, really high, for a game of that scale.

Gotta admit, later areas are really difficult, took a lot of skill and RNG to beat, especially the island.

I did find one BUG in my playthrough: When you undo some buildings might activate again, like detox can clear soil that became toxic after they were placed. It's not game-breaking, but it is a minor exploit.

All in all, great game, would love to see it made into a proper title, with more areas and biome variety!


If I could suggest a feature - smoothing out the land after the rocket's liftoff could be very pleasing. Like some simple smoothing algorithms, to make the biomes and rivers look more organic.

doesnt open on osx please help!

Okay, I've finally completed area III. Looking forward for Area IV, the Peninsula today. By the way, what are those animal that spawn in the mountain area? They look green, are they turtles?

I started the game on hard, quite and continued and now building prices are cheaper. I guess on reload the game defaults on the normal difficulty?


Been having difficulties getting the game to open on my macbook, I've gone through the permissions and given the app permission as addressed by the apple support, and have attempted to open it other ways to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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