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i feel the same as the title nowadays. i hate everything and don't enjoy anything


sorry buddy

amazing Garbage

I loved the game, but I couldn't zoom out much.

I had the same bug, and i think because of it i couldn't finish the game, i wasn't able to buy all the land because even fully zoomed out there were areas i couldn't access :

Oh nevermind, i missed the bit about using arrow keys. but i still can't acces buildings past the bank...

Hello there! Really enjoyed the game <3 I'd like to contact you about a video I'm making. Is there any way to message you privately?

Thanks :D

Really enjoyed this game, I showed it on my twitch
Keep it deving, love everything about this game!!

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Can you make a 64-bit version of this game? My laptop runs 64-bit Windows and everytime i open the game it says error 0xc000007b. If you can, then i would love to play this game. I already put all the files from the archive to my desktop and the error still pops up.

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Really fun, but with a few problems, I couldn't exit without pressing Alt+F4 and it was confusing on what goes where.

same problem, i'm on Linux.

looked really cool, but couldnt exit. Then my computer started freaking out and stuff. im gonna have to uninstall bc it was sketchy af, and i thought my computer was under attack by a virus.

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Not too shaby. Few comments.

  • No exit button / menu to pause. It is hard to hit Alt-F4 on my keyboard. Similarly there should be a way to restart or do a save maybe? It is possible to soft lock, with not enough money to do anything, if you build your chain wrong, or put everything into babies or something.
  • I play Linux version, and Vulkan renderer works perfectly (`-force-vulkan`), so probably worth using it by default instead of OpenGL. This can be set in the Graphics, API for Linux, and rearanging order.
  • The zip file doesn't unpack to separate directory, thus polluting my current directory. Also no executable bit on the binary. AFAIK it is possible to fix in zip files, or switch to tar.xz 4) 
  • Destroying (selling) entity using right click while the animation is playing, sometimes leave a hopping entity not removed and just playing animation / spinning forever. Happened to me with few entities.

Other than that no complains.


This is PURE GARBAGE! In the best sense, o'course

One of the best Game Jam games i've ever played


Ohohohoho you sneaky. I didn't expect the game to be a criticism against Capitalism and the Rich, thought it was about Sustainability and Recycling stuff at first, but as I go further, things start to get more, revealing. Good Game, really love it and it's message.


The final piramid is not giving any money :( 


That's the Point.


Such fun! I can't seem to unlock anything further than the Bank though? I unlocked all areas and setup all the possible chains, but no more buildings and no Obelisk. What am I missing?

I'm playing the Mac version btw if that makes any difference

Hey! Can you press the down arrow below the bank? Or is it not there in the mac version?


Negative on a down arrow in the Mac version! I can now see from other people's screenshots how that being missing could cause my problem haha

Same for me :(

same x3 :c 
there's no arrow appearing below bank


I didnt realize selling babies lots me money. Welp time to restart.


LMAO, I love how the startup obelisk consumes college men, tech and gives nothing in return

What a cool concept! Super simplistic yet overwhelmingly fun!




Before I even saw this game, I was struck by how cute and simple the aesthetic is and at first glance, the game itself seems to be quite simple and fun. About the gameplay, it's really good and flawless, and the only bad thing I noticed was that the obelisk and the bank don't give money. Outside of that, the game has potential.

Fun stuff!  I didn't realize there were buildings more valuable than banks until I came to write a comment, so I guess I've got to replay!

Oh gosh... We could have made that more obvious! Thanks for the feedback (we'll try fix that)


I really love this! Such an awesome idea and excellent execution.  

Not sure what i'm doing wrong but the obelisk just eats lightbulbs and doesn't give any money or anything


I was affected by this too. If it's intentional and a way of saying bitcoin is a waste of garbage I think it's genius.

really fun! it's one of those games you can play on hours on end. the grapics are great too

Hey, where's the jam page so I can rate it?

Hey, thanks for playing! Here's the Ludum Dare entry 


Oh lol, i found two glitches. They are about infinite resources.

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lol, I didn't think to ever try that!

I found it by accident. It works with motels too but only when you put turnips into them.

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i finally completed it till the end. its just amazing!!

and pls subscribe


This game is fun, this is as far as I go. after repeating couple of times

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I tried playing as efficiently as possible without calculating how to do it. I know I lost just a couple of bucks but this is still acceptable. You don't know how many times I had to restart because I accidentally deleted one of my buildings though. I have to say my least favorite part is sometimes the linking doesn't work, and you have to select something and unselect it. But you can see by how hard I worked I still liked the game. 

This was just with 20 in each dump. I don't understand how the people below me have so much in their dumps.

Wow! That's amazingly efficient! I'm surprised that's even possible!


Impressive work for having been made in 72 hours, was really fun figuring out how everything clicks together.


For anyone having trouble making lines; trying selecting a building and deselecting it. For some reason you can have a building selected without the square to place it highlighted, and that prevents you from making lines.

Cool game!


great game!

By how much money you have I am clearly missing something. I did everything as efficiently as I could, investing in the bank. How do you have so many resources in your trash dumps? What is the use of dump money?

Dump money adds resources to the trash dumps

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Neat little game!

Well done!! We weren't sure if anyone would be able to make it to the end! (we were so exhausted by the end of the game jam that we couldn't see straight and could much less predict what players would do in the game)

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