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Deepdive is a short procedurally generated diving roguelike about exploring the depths. Manage your oxygen, scan new species of fish, mine minerals, explore the depths, but be careful not to spring too many leaks in your helmet. Then, come back to your boat to upgrade your gear so you can go deeper next time.


- Loads of upgrades including lasers, O2 tanks and luxury headlamps.

- Fully destructible environment

- Many species of fish, some friendly, some not so.

- Large and detailed procedurally generated underwater worlds.

- Discover the secret of the deep.

Made for Pirate Jam 2020 by Free Lives. Myself in collaboration with CallOfTheVoid and TheJunt.




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please add settings or 21:9 support so i can play the game without UI going off the screen

can they make a 32 bit version

i got to 1500m and died lol

Try beating my record of 1937m

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Great little game, enjoyed it a lot! Did you guys use procedural animation, too?

A little! There's a bunch of physics joints in the game

Interesting. The plants especially react so naturally to the diver, it makes this pixel world feel real. Beautiful job!


What a ride! Such a fun little game, I really enjoyed the ability ramp-up in this one. Great job!

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i just wish they would update the game! my suggestions are make the game wider so u have more lefts and rights to explore, maybe a navigation to ur tripod. deeper waters from like 1000 rather than 300? most obvious: more creatures!! depper ya go the more deadlier and of course more upgrades such as more flashlight and maybe new ones like creature indication and discovery creature radar wider thing(increase the radar) and possibly a multiplayer mode? with rule options such as PvE and PvP? maybe add a knife to cut corals(used for pvp) and create upgrades! also the option to save ur games


wow that was a fun journey. loved it

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Great game, really enjoyed it. Kinda wish that there was more of it, as the gameplay loop is very fun, and it is satisfying to go deeper and stun creatures that were previously a threat. But what is there is pretty cool. 

Kind of reminded me of another game on here called Oceanwork, so I don't know if that might have been an inspiration.


That was super fun but the ending was extremely dissapointing

I forgot for a second that I'm afraid of the deep and was having such a chill time until I reached 300m. The darkness was so unnerving and I freaking jumped from the scare. Great game!


I'm out of bounds and can't get back


OK, the upgrades are pretty OP and not hard to get. The 300m is an aaaagghagaga experience. Subnautica but pixel, I like

Love it!


Way more pixels than my toy Digital Aquarium, and more to do!

Although it was pretty easy it was fun playing it, really like the atmosphere and the art

How to actually win? I got to the boneworm area and tried to dig deeper but there was nothing left. Was the myster the boneworm?


scan the boneworm

ok, i think i discovered the secret and this is my proof, i ended up dying but i found like a green dark shark in the most deep parts of the ocean, did i beat it?, btw i give it a 9.2/10, its pretty easy to get all the upgrades but i still had a good time.
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No, you need to go to the deepest level. It's at 360 meters down. Only once you've learned enough about the creature there, can you win.

perfect little experience, thanks!

me gusta!

Sublime.  Just love it. Probably play later today as I ran out of game time. Did'nt want to leave the game.  Is there a way to get a bigger map ? Super.


This is a VERY good game its not perfect cuz it need a bigger map and a save button.I love it tho

Game save and need more big map :)

muy buen juego la verdad lo encontré mientras buscaba y me entretuvo mucho ademas de que me relajo, gracias por crearlo

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Really nice, I don't know whether keeping your upgrades between runs was or wasn't a deliberate choice because sometimes the upgrades I already bought before would show up and I'd be able to buy them again, sometimes they wouldn't, but other than that really solid experience, I could see this being a full fledged experience with a little more content and some polish

Yeah why call it a roguelike if you keep all your upgrades lol 

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This is one of the best games I've every played

I've been speedrunning this with my cousin who randomly found your game on itch.io
I just now reached a speedrun of 2:41 and the game is just so much fun

If you were to make this into a full game, with a little tweaks I'd definitely buy it for like 5/8 bucks, like that's totally worth it

Here's some more feedback

The game is a little bit buggy (This hasn't been a huge problem yet, but it can be improved)


In a full game a few extra biomes/maps would be great since the art gets a little samy at times, please know I do love the art, I mean the game is just stunning for a random 2D Platformer made in a game jam

A speedrun mode, it'd be great if you could see your time at the end, and a speedrun mode which shows the timer the entire game to make it easier to speedrun.

In the extra maps obviously a little more new species, and possibly lores and a little different boss battles, but similar to this one where you have a goal that isn't killing the actual boss

A pause menu, that also let's you restart

If you were to add all these features into a full complete game, I'll definitely buy it for a few bucks

I truely love the game, it's so balanced and fun to play/speedrun.

Please keep me posted on updates/new versions

EDIT: I think I got the world record, I have a recording of a 2:10 run


What happens at the end of this game?  I managed to get to 1000M, but the map was empty and I died.


First of all, I assume you understand how to actually finish the game
Second of all I got to 1444M, below the Bonewurm it's all just entirely empty

Beat it under 45 seconds lol

That's great,Really good fun.


Great game! Just played a few time now :) But I would really like a save function, and also hope that you continue working on it. As said before, it could be an awesome underwater Terraria.

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does this need a 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows?

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Subnautica needs a 2d clone!  Laughs aside, I've played through this a few times now.  Please consider doing a kickstarter to build this out more.


Wonderful game, wished there was a little more mystery . Loved the final lasers made me feel like a god. Great work on the completely destructible terrain. With more treasures , and teasure hunting this would be more incredbile. A bigger map and exploration and I could play this game all day. Please expand this game , it could be like playing Terraria underwater.

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There was mystery with the bonewurm area. That mystery quickly diminishes once you realize they aren't really a threat, but still


This is an excellent game! I hope there's some farther development to add new fish types and maybe an expanded ending, or some sort of new game plus?

The worlds are randomly generated, but all have the exact same content and same upgrades in them, so there's not a ton of replay value.

But anyways, it's one of the better games on itch.io. I paid for it and you should, too.


Great experience overall, but the ending was an anticlimax with the sudden "victory", it's like you build up all this atmosphere and immersion to go "congratulations on beating this video game you are playing right now" and ruin it all.


That's a very fair comment, unfortunately we ran out of time in the jam and just had to finish it somehow :/ 

If we continue to work on it further I'd definitely want to improve the ending


Great! But it's a bit spooky. I'd enjoy the game more if the background sounds were a bit more friendly.


Sorry it spooked you! It is supposed to be kinda spooky though :P


Don't worry, in the future I'm sure they'll had an option to turn off and kind of emotion the game may evoke.






Absolutely enjoyed Deepdive. Well done!


Thanks for the video, glad you enjoyed :)

i made it down to 1774m. super cool game!


Very impressive for a jam game and a good experience overall!
I noticed what seems to be a bug: I died on my first game and when I started a new one, all my upgrades were still here. Same thing after a victory. I had to close and relaunch the game to reset the upgrades.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out, glad you enjoyed it :)


Great game, I'm a big fan of Subnautica and this is clearly a 2D clone, but that's a great thing! You have got great graphics and gameplay here, very atmospheric with good sound effects too. If I could give you the following constructive feedback: 

(1) please add a save function or at the very least a pause - I had to close my game after my lunchbreak!

(2) there was a bug where some sharklings chased me up close to the surface then they seemed to be frozen in place. When I went back down deep enough they just jumped back there.

(3) make the first few crystals spawn close to the player. I was blasting plants and scenery for a while wondering why I wasn't making any money.

(4) rename the 'shop' since it's not really a shop, or is it? This is a bit of a deviation from Subnautica here.

Overall great game, really enjoyed it, how long have you been working on it?

Thanks for the feedback! We made it over about a week while on a boat for Pirate Jam


Creative game and concept for a jam. Certainly has areas where improvement could come in if planned.

Not sure if this game uses it, but it's always best to render only what is visible. Helps in performance.


Thanks! We definitely only render what is visible, the game world is pretty big, but yeah, in a more complete version we would like to improve performance


If possible, controller support would make it also more smooth.


Thanks for the feedback!