Everything is Garbage Post Jam Version

Hey everyone,

We had loads of fun this Ludum Dare, so we decided to keep working on Everything is Garbage for a bit.

The post jam version includes:

- A more musical set of sound effects! Now your little factory will sound better!

- A new ending, far more suitable for the mighty Obelisk

- Added Mac and Linux builds

- Some graphical improvements

- a whole bunch of bugfixes

- some quality of life improvement to make the game experience smoother

We hope you all continue to enjoy the game and let us know what you think!

Free Lives


Everything is Garbage Windows V0.3 (Post Jam).zip 25 MB
Oct 07, 2020
Everything is Garbage Linux V0.3 (Post Jam).zip 34 MB
Oct 07, 2020
Everything is Garbage OSX V0.3 (Post Jam).zip 30 MB
Oct 07, 2020

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(2 edits)

You can send to not-unlocked garbage heaps. Hovering (to see name) happens through the menu.

Money not despawning at banks, even when bank is sold. Then it gets animated weird

Non-removal bug

money piles up at banks and doesn't despaw

Maybe info on how the obelisk works 

Maybe a setting for windowed

Come on, put this on steam mate

That last 10% of polish always feels like 90% of the work.

Also, adding more money and games to the garbage pile doesn't feel right. Though we could make it free I guess.

Was that an intended pun? English is not my main language so I'm not sure what you're referring to as garbage pile nor why.

Let me rephrase everything: even within the limits of the genre "casual manager", this game is brilliant. My bet is that maybe you would earn some good money and fans by selling it on other popular platforms. Maybe what I'm saying is just some common naiveness you're tired of hearing.

Thanks for the compliment! I am really glad you think it's that good.

I wasn't exactly making a pun. Sorry if I was being a bit cryptic.

What I meant was that there's something about this game that's feels a bit anti-money. I mean there's something weird about making money off of a game that makes a point that money itself is garbage. Does that make sense?

Like for instance, if there was a way people could pay us by literally cleaning up garbage in their communities, that would feel right. Maybe the easiest way to make commercializing this game feel right would be if some (or most) of the money went to a garbage-cleaning charity.

I see, you're trying to be coherent. Well, this level of coherence should be obvious and mandatory for everyone, but it actually sounds completely abnormal lol. Kudos, mate. I hope someday you'll decide to do that charity. Sadly and ungratefully, people will accuse you of "greenwashing", as it's happening right now, coincidentally, in the comments of the most recent news from the game Endzone (they announce from time to time how many trees were planted with money raised from the game sales).

Just one more thing, now that I understood your message: even if not much, your games may also be adding to the the pile of some good subjective experience and even to some good game culture, I'd dare say, and not only to the garbage pile.

Again, thanks for the kind words and feedback.

What I'd like to ask is: How much more content do you think "Everything is Garbage" needs to be released on Steam? At the moment the game probably takes under an hour to play through, which in my mind seems too short. But I'm curious how you see this.

I haven't played Endzone yet, though it looks like a lot of people find the experience frustrating (only 76% of people recommend it on Steam). I have a feeling that the accusations of greenwashing have a lot to do with players disliking the game (and a more enjoyable game wouldn't receive as much negativity)...

But I understand your point about planting trees through game sales feeling like a marketing trick.